About Me

I'm Hari Prasad, the Face behind @DevignX, A recently launched brand to showcase my expertise in Branding and design.

DevignX is a team of Developers, designers and technologists (All are my college mates) focused on building products that provide users with the best user experience and eye pleasing visuals.

#TLDR I am a passionate B.Tech student (expecting 2023 pass out)& Design enthusiast (Designing since 2018). Product(UIUX) Designer for 2 years & General Designer for 4 years I have & would love to contribute to early stage startups & established companies in their visual presence & meanwhile make an earning out of it.

I am primarily an Artist & Designer, who creates user & dev friendly designs. Check my Website

I have freelanced for 4 years as a Designer and I have contributed to 30+ start-ups in their Visual presence (Since 2018)

4 year experience in Graphic Design & 2 year experience in Product Design, I have a eye on keen details in visual aesthetics & usability. The Google's Professional Course on UXD was my foundation & It has helped me a lot in my career by making me understand the user mindset & made me to view things from their perspective, I am professional with Figma, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, InDesign and I'm also that Geeky friend who is called for installing Python, or for course or career suggestions. I love to automate boring stuff with code. I have learnt Front-end Development by myself, as I said I am not only user-friendly but also developer-friendly

I am interested in Softwares since I got into my degree, I love problem solving with Js & Python, I haven't done any course on that, but I know how to use Google & Stackoverflow to solve my problems, and I have made some web development & machine learning projects for my college & some for commercial purposes.

I have worked at Incus.inc, NJ as Fullstack Designer who designs Graphical assets, posters, web page content, Logo and Interfaces of every app and its respective web app they own - https://vongo.ai/

I love to contribute the start-ups in their growth by giving them best user experience and beautiful visuals, meanwhile making my own money.