What is Design?

Here you will find a few definitions of Design by various authors & popular designers

Hari Prasad's Definition of Design

I've always thought of Design as a form of art. Designing is the process or the act of creating something, that never existed before.

Here's what Industry people & authors define Design

Steve Jobs says

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Aarron Walter says

Design is the art of considering an object or process from multiple perspectives, then synthesizing a solution that meets a desired set of criteria.

Nigel Cross says

Design is the intersection of creativity and strategy.

Don Norman says

Design is a way to make things better or solve problems.

So everyone's got own their definition of Design and they are right, There is no standard definition for Design. But it can be seen as a deliberate process of creating solutions to problems or needs through the application of creativity, strategy, and various design principles and practices.